02/24/09 - New Shared Hosting Package Added

2/25/2009 - Dedicated Server Page Added
  "I've had my sites hosted with Lucidity for over two years. My entire network is hosted here. In over two years, I can count my total downtime across my entire network in Minutes! The service is great, and the prices are competitive. You couldn't get me to change hosts at gunpoint!"

Rich Cavanaugh
The FunDMental Network



LucidityHosting currently has servers located both in the US and in Europe.

Our US servers are located in Atlanta's premier data center, AtlantaNAP, with a few large pipes of quality providers to handle spikes in traffic and the occasional DoS attack as well as unknown traffic patterns. This includes 5 tier one providers and are publicly peered with 12 providers including Google and Earthlink. The current network consists of Gigabit links to Global Crossing, PCC-BTN, SAVVIS, Telia and the Atlanta Internet Exchange public peering point.

The data center itself has 10 foot high razor wire fences surrounding the 4 acre property, all of which is covered by security lights and cameras, the main gate and front door requires a keycard or manual access granted by our onsite security guards, power which is dual fed from the grid and protected through a redundant paralleled power system, a UPS backed up by a state of the art parallel generator system, 1000 tons of cooling piped into the data center, and a FM200 Fire suppression and active monitoring with VESDA early smoke detection.

Our European servers are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The network setup is fully redundant with 6 backbone providers consisting of KPN, AboveNet, Cogent, Teleglobe, Interoute, Deutsche Telekom AG (T-mobile) and multiple gigabit uplinks to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, Netherlands Internet Exchange and Groningen Internet Exchange.

The data center has raised floors for cold air distribution, multiple layers of security including reinforced walls, biometric scanning protocols and barbed wire fences, and an advanced fire suppression system.


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