02/24/09 - New Shared Hosting Package Added

2/25/2009 - Dedicated Server Page Added
  "I've had my sites hosted with Lucidity for over two years. My entire network is hosted here. In over two years, I can count my total downtime across my entire network in Minutes! The service is great, and the prices are competitive. You couldn't get me to change hosts at gunpoint!"

Rich Cavanaugh
The FunDMental Network



LucidityHosting was established by Cynthia Minton in July 2002 after finding other hosting companies lacking in features and support. Since that time, Lucidity has grown steadily mostly by word of mouth from highly satisfied clients. Though Lucidity originally hosted only GPTR/search engine sites, it has grown to include a wide variety including personal sites, business sites, dedicated servers, etc. Lucidity added domain registration and virtual private servers to its list in January 2007.

Cynthia, herself, is 100% active in Lucidity's operation. She's typically your main contact here and even though you may have other support representatives answer your questions, she's always aware of each situation and client. It's this personalized support that makes LucidityHosting your number one choice.


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